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Recent News

Triple C Talk - Past Tents, Present Tents: Conceptualising Protest Camps

Featuring: Patrick McCurdy, 

Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, 

University of Ottawa

Patrick’s research draws from media and communication, social movement studies and journalism to study media as a site and source of social struggle and contestation. Most recently, Patrick began the SHHRC-funded Mediatoil project which is studying the evolution of oil sands advertising and campaigning between government, NGOs and industry from 1970 until present day. 


Featuring Michael Keren, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Communication, Culture and Civil Society at the University of Calgary.

October 31, 12pm-1pm, Room SS729

Student Spotlight

Pamela Jarosz, a fourth-year Communications Studies student at the University of Calgary has recently presented at the 22nd Annual Richard Frucht Memorial Lecture Series and Student Conference at the University of Alberta from March 5-7, 2014.